background music

Anyone know of a good internet (or any) source for background music.

I think what you could probably do is type the name of the song you want the
backing for in google along with midi for example type “shenandoah midi file”.and you’ll get a lot of choices to choose from ;D

That should get you started.
Harp on

Thanks that seems simple enough.

Ragvoice offered this one up awhile back too:

I listened to a few tracks, not bad!

Good luck!

Keep us posted!

Keep on jammin’!

Hey Paul,

I wish I had a great source for you. Maybe I’ll help create this for you and others next year. It would be extremely helpful!


Yes it would, JP. I’m not against paying for backing tracks, it’s just that you don’t always know what your gonna get. I have spent a few dollors on tracks I can’t use or am not skilled enough to figure out. For me if it has a sample track, (someone singing the song) that really helps me get it down. Still though, timing is sometimes a real challenge.

Awhile back I bought a 2 CD set on ebay from Mike Guarniero. They are called Studio G Presents 20 Minute Blues Jams 1 & 2. They are nice recordings, good music, but the best part is that each song is 20 minutes long. With most CD’s, just about the time you start getting your groove it’s over! But with these you have time to get into it and once you do you have plenty of time to experiment with different things. There’s 3 songs on each CD. Fast, slow, funky, boogie and shuffle blues. Four are in A and one each in Am and E. It would have been nice to had more different keys, But alot of Blues are in those keys. Don’t remember what I paid, but it seems like it was a very good deal.

Sounds cool, Harpman!

Several somebodys keep recommending me this site, so figured I add it here too:

Rock on, yo!