Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep mini bong (Universal Greeting from Transformers)

I hope this post finds everyone feeling and doing fine.

I’m Chris from Arkansas and 37 years old. I enjoy long wal…Oops, wrong kind of forum for that. Seriously though, like I said, I’m 37 and just picked up my first harmonica Monday I believe it was. Nothing fancy, a Hohner Old Standby I picked up as a lark at Hastings. I’ll be lucky if I can even ever afford a Marine Band or Special 20 since my finances are pretty bad. (I had a massive stroke 7 years ago that left me with a bad heart and numbness on the right side of my body from the neck down, so the doctors won’t release me to go to work, so I have to get by with disability after working full time for almost 15 years.)

Anyway, you aren’t reading this for a sob story so here’s a bit about my week so far. Like I said I picked up the harmonica Monday and then went online to find some info about playing. I never was into country or other things that are usually associated with the harmonica, but I have always loved John Lennon’s intro to “Love Me Do” and always thought it would be really tough to play. Now I played trumpet for six years in Jr. High and High School, so I do have a bit of knowledge on music (not much, but enough to fake it. I’d rather know a little about a lot of things than a lot about a few things.)

So I go online and lo and behold I find the tabs for the intro. After about 3-4 hours of practicing, I had it sounding pretty close to his version.

Now I want to do more. Like I said, I’m limited on funds but have a gift card left over from Christmas (I had bought it for my Mom right before Thanksgiving to give her for Christmas but sadly she passed away unexpectedly on Dec. 8. ) so I’m using that to pick up the Harmonica for Dummies book. Actually the way I found this forum was doing a search for “Best Book to Learn Harmonica” and that seemed to be the standard bearer for most here.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll be bugging you in the other forum sections as I have the time to read through the posts but if you want to know anything else about me, just ask, I’m an open book.

Didn’t say it was a good or interesting book, but an open one. :slight_smile:

Ok, so I was able to get a Special 20 thanks to a lucky spin of a dollar at the casino (Stopped to get gas and could only fit $19 in, so I got a buck change, took it to the casino they have built into the convenience store, put it in a dollar machine and hit $150-Yay Me!) but now I’m scared to play it as I feel I’ll overblow or something and screw up the reeds.

How hard do you have to blow to mess them up?

It is lost on me

You shouldn’t blow (or draw) hard at all. Be nice to your reeds, play with normal breath. The technique is more in what you do with your lips, mouth and jaw movements than with blowing great lots of air.

Howdy Rod!
Just breath through the harmonica. No pressure needed. The shape of your
oral cavity gives your bends and most note shaping. Pay close attention to
JP’s free lessons. I promise you’ll catch on! If you get another windfall, you
might think about getting JP’s course. I have an older version of his DVD course,
and I will endorse it for hungry harp players of all types and ages…very easy
method! Anyway, if you can’t get that, there are many free helps online (there
are many here of course).
You have entered a new world that will open up new ways for you to enjoy yourself
and entertain others. Who knows? You may even find a new career in harping.
It could happen. ;D