"Bar" Songs

Anyone got tabs for some good ‘ol Irish drinkin’ tunes?

Keep on harpin’!

Irish music just can’t be played by tabs, the rhythm and timing is extremely important to get the right sound. Listen to fiddle players and what they play and try to do the same on your harmonica. The most common keys are G and D (very common).

Although disappointing, very informative and helfpul.
Keep on harpin’!


Try this one out I stole it from:


hopefully I don’t get in trouble.

[center]The tune is called “Drunken Sailor”[/center]

6D 6D 6D 6D 6D 6D 6D 4D 5D 6D

6B 6B 6B 6B 6B 6B 6B 4B 5B 6B

6D 6D 6D 6D 6D 6D 6D 7D 7B 8D

7B 6D 6B 5B 4D 4D

And the tune so you know how it’s played:[/center]

[center]Oh and use your Key of “C” harp[/center]

[center]Harp On!![/center]

As an Irishman, I have found after years of playin’ harmonica and drinkin’, that pretty much any song will suffice IF you are drinking enuff!

Now that sounds like the voice of experience talking ;D

It’s funny that, how every note you hit while drunk sounds even more perfect than the previous, and so it rolls on like a musical orgasm :stuck_out_tongue:

Kinda like all the women are prettier, too! ;D

Why do we ever get sober again?

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