Bass harmonica

So I saw that on and it got me thinking about the different keys and such. My favorite notes on my C-harp are the low ones, is a bass harmonica one that has all low octave notes? That might be fun to play.

From what I’ve read it takes a pretty good set of lungs to play a bass harmonica. If you like lower key harps give a Low F a try, it sounded really low to me and my ear is use to lower pitched music.

Yeah…kinda like going from a trumpet to a tuba…gotta have Superman wind gushing lungs!

And from what I’ve heard, it vibrates quite a bit. But don’t quote me on that.


Howdy y’all!
The lung factor is not the problem. Switching from trumpet to tuba…been there and done that. The solution is breath control, which is also the solution to extended range and endurance.
BUT!!! Have you seen the prices for those animals? Check out The maniacal motions they take to play well is another reason I respect the bass harp and the chord harp players. Watch some of the old Harmonicats videos.
BTW I found an old Johnny Puleo vinyl record the other day. He was the short fellow who played with Borro Minnivich (please don’t deduct points for spelling), and later formed his own group. There is a pretty good YouTube video of him on Hollywood Palace.