Beatbox Harmonica :)

beatbox harmonica jamming!

eyoo fellow harp players hope everybody is doing well :slight_smile:
I got here another tune i busted out the other day but with a little extra to it
a beatbox… im sure you guys have heard people do this before and hey you gotta have an appreciation for it it is definitely a different style of harmonica playing! Enjoy :slight_smile:

Sure, we’ve seen other clips by the likes of LD Miller and Yuri Lane. :slight_smile:

Yours is cool beans too! :smiley:

And the use of filming in black & white made it that much more impressive! :wink:

Rock on, yo! ;D

Very Nice!

What harp are you using?


Thanks! and thanks to the guy above you too lol
im using a hohner miller band special 20 in key of G