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A few new videos for comment/ critique:

[center]Dave really cool videos…Don’t use the embed on your video when you post here.
Just Highlight the address of it and copy after that come back here and paste it in the message area.

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Shenandoah on Diatonic Harmonica
Jesu Joy of Mans Desiring on Diatonic Harmonica.wmv

You know Dave that Jesus of Joy desiring is tricky I just found some 2nd pos tabs and just laughed at it.

I wonder if that is what buddy green was using at carnegie hall.

Did you get tabs for it. And did it take you a while to learn.

Harp On!!

Joe > Jesu Joy is fairly easy. I never have used tabs ie all by ear. I’m pretty sure Buddy Greene at Carnegie Hall plays it in 1st Pos. Buddy plays 3 tunes in his classical medley using a C harp. His first tune is Jesu Joy in C then Mozarts Piano Sonata played in 2nd pos then Rossini’s William Tell Overture played in 1st pos.

I’m lost without tabs…
Will that come with more experience
Wish i could do that.

A real simple song I might be able to workout.
I guess it helps to know the song really well.

Harp on!!

A couple more. And a test to see if Joes advice has sunk in!

Joe, you should by now become somewhat less dependent on tabs particularly on simple tunes. I know that basically if I know a tune and particularly if I know the lyrics and can sing it in my head then I generally have no problem in playing it. I use the term generally for there are many exceptions. But, I fiddle around with tunes and if I can’t get started on eg hole 4B then try 6 or 7 or 3 or whatever. Doesn’t always work. Sometimes if I can’t get the start of a tune I try for eg the last line & once I’m going then it seems to work. You must know heaps of Bob Dylan tunes & these generally are really simple. [glow=red,2,300]Also try something like Silent Night as it is real easy ie start on 7B.[/glow]

The Irish fiddle tunes without lyrics are for me hard ie I often have to refer to tabs to get a start & even then I sometimes cannot get it as I might attack it differently so I end up having to listen to the start. Once going and I’m away! No lyrics & I have difficulty remembering which tune is which.

Try again

oops - which part of the address do I use?
North Queensland

everything thats in the address bar you got it.

Harp On!!

I thought I had figured out the beginning of Victory in Jesus, but then I got stuck so I looked up the tabs and it was completely different from what I was doing. I tried playing it by the tab and it didn’t sound right that way either. I’m going to find sheet music and see what it says to play and maybe I can clear this up for myself. Anyone have known good tabs for Victory in Jesus, or David is that something you know how to play?

I am not aware of the tune ‘Victory in Jesus’?

Generally I do not rely on tabs.

Very Nice, thats all I can say!

Jesu is a great tune! I play it in first position, but thats it! lol