Beginner - Big River C

Hi all - I am a beginner and have bought myself a Hohner Big River in the key of C.

My father played the Harmonica and I have his old Hohner Echo tremolo harp. He died in 2006 and I would dearly love to learn the play Harmonica properly as a tribute to him.

So please wish me luck.


best of luck to you. That’s a good reason to learn and good motivation as well I’m sure. I hear pretty good things about the big river harps, but you may find the special 20 easier to learn on and more comfortable to play. The protruding reed plates can take a bit to get use to.

Good to meet ya! And the best of luck on your learning! That is a noble tribute!

–Burning Thunder

Hi Charlie… I’m a newbie here and on 'monica too - hope you master that harp real good!

Just a note of thanks for all your messages of support.

Glad to meet you all.


Welcome Uboat! Think of a song you remember your Dad playing and make that your first goal to playing the harp. I agree about he Special 20’s their my favorite harps.


Thanks Barry.

My Dad was an American Civil War enthusiast and I remember him always playing a tune called Kingdom Coming.

As for the harp - it’s funny but when I was deciding which one to buy I couldn’t make my mind up between the Big River and the Special 20. In the end I went for the Big River but I’ve just ordered a Special 20 (My Christmas present from my mum was £40 so I don’t feel too bad being so extravagant and I’ll always have both harps for the future).


Trust me, you’ll have many more, and none will be wasted.

UBoat, I came back to playing the harmonica about a year ago. It was playing simple duos with my dad when I was growing up that made me wan to start again.
I can still hear it in my head. Nice evenings at home-back in the 1950s.

Hey Charlie,

That would be an amazing way to honor your dad, and have fun at the same time…Let us know how we can support you.

Your harmonica buddy,