Beginner from Oregon saying hello from Kaua'i

Last summer a generous client said she wanted to do something very special to recognize the extra work and long hours I’d dedicated to helping her achieve a big dream. When I told her I’d always dreamed of learning to play harmonica, she registered me for JP’s retreat in Kaua’i. I was stunned, and grateful and equally grateful when my husband booked a trip to join me. After hearing the news last fall that the retreat was cancelled, I was bummed. Of course once I heard more about the severity of JP’s injuries and realized the long road ahead that he is facing, I quickly realized my disappointment amounted to nothing. My husband and I decided to keep our plans to visit Kaua’i anyway. I must admit, though, it wasn’t until I arrived here today and walked along the boardwalk leading to the grounds where the retreat would have been held, that I realized how sad I am – not just for the missed opportunity to receive dedicated teaching from JP – but also for the others who’d been looking forward to enjoying this mountaintop experience with him too. As this week spreads out before me and I spend time practicing on my own, I will be thinking about JP and keeping positive thoughts flowing his way from this magical place he calls home – a home I hope he comes back to soon so he can continue to recover and keep inspiring all of us to learn and enjoy the instrument he obviously loves so much.

Amen! Thank you so much for sharing this.