Beginner Harmonica Player!

So I have been playing harmonica for 2 weeks now. I have a Bluesband harmonica and was wondering if I should invest in a better harmonica. It’s hard to bend on the harmonica that I have. I was looking to get either a Lee Oskar,Hohner Blues Harp or Suzuki Harpmaster. In the key of C of course! I spend about 5 to 10 minutes practicing. Should I spend more time?

Hi … I am also new to the harmonica. Purchased Happy Harpin last month and just finished the 93 lessons. I have several different harps, but I like the Hohner Blues Harp (MS series) and the Hohner Marine Band Special 20 the best. I personally would go with the Blues Harp. I have played guitar for 20+ years, and my experience is the more time you spend, the quicker you will reach your level of satisfaction. However, if you find there are days when ten minutes is enough, then stop and pick it up the next day. If after ten minutes, you are still having fun, then keep on playing. Good Luck! Ray

Hi, I also started with a Bluesband. It will be a good decision to get a Special20 or a Harpmaster.I dont have idea about Lee Oskar. I have a Harpmaster and it is good. Its important to be consistent with your practice. More time you allot for practice, faster you learn. All the best. Happy Harpin’

I am also new and have been playing about 2 months. I purchased a few different harmonicas in key of C. I started with special 20 and then purchased Suzuki Manji and last one was Hohner Crossover. The Special 20 is by far the easiest to bend on. The other two are far more expensive and much more difficult for bending with the Crossover, for me, being the most difficult. I have heard the Golden Melody is fairly easy for bending and I have just ordered one in the key of A.