Bending - But with tongue tie

Hi, I’ve been learning to play the harmonica for a while now, and I’m learning how to bend. Thing is, to bend I have to control my tongue position, but I’m stuck with a condition called “Tongue tie” (, and I would like to ask if there’s a workaround for that? Should I keep on learning?

Aloha - whatever you do don’t give up the harmonica!

First of all, there TONS of great stuff to be played on harmonica without bending at all.

Second, yes there is another way to bend besides having to move the front of the tongue. You can bend by lowering the back of your tongue while also raising your soft palette (like you yawning) in an extreme AWWWW vowel shape.

So try thinking more AWWWW when trying to bend down, and EEEE when releasing. I recommend working on a C harp on -4 and/or draw 3 to start with.

Happy harping’!

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