bending for beginners??

I have just started bending but i think i’m not bending “all the way”…dont even know if that’s the correct terminology :o
Using bendometer PS but cant pull the notes all the way down and i’m not sure if its due to using an integrated mic on a laptop or just still too new ??? or even if im doing it correctly but just need more practise???..hunted around for a harmonica buddy but there arent any around my neck of the woods (or at least no absolute beginners!!!)…any suggestions welcomed ;D

Keep practicing keep trying and keep using that bendometer.
It worked for me, when I was trying to bend I wasn’t sure
if i was doing it or not.

But the bendometer takes the guessing game out of it. You’ll know when
you get it just by watching the bendometer.

Here’s a JP explanation on how it’s done if you haven’t seen it yet.
How to Play the Harmonica: Bending Notes on Harmonica

Harp On!![/center]

G’day Kiwi!

Reading elsewhere on the forum that you have or are waiting for JP Allen’s best-selling world’s most favorite home harmonica course DVD bundle – There’s a whole workshop full of lessons devoted to learn bending. {JP’s unique approach of using two tuners to learn to hear the notes was definitely an eye or rather ear-opener for me! And it works!}

Reading too that you have acquired a Spec20 to begin with is a great step in the right direction also. The better the instrument, the easier it is to facilitate learning on.

Being said then, it can’t be stressed and repeated enough, it all still takes: TIME!

If you or anybody doesn’t give themselves enough TIME to learn properly the ins and outs of the harmonica, then you’ll just get frustrated and all bent out of shape, maybe even worse! Hehehe!

Took me a few months to actually get the draw bends down; which according to many general accounts is the average for most everybody who enjoys this little instrument to get them.

So again, what’s the rush, what’s the hurry?!

By all means just have fun and it will come to you eventually!


Keep On Harpin’!