Bending Issue

Can someone one tell me when I try to bend on hole 3 on a c harmonica I continually get a g flat. I have tried many ways to change my embouchure. Any tips?


Hi Lisa @lisaharwin

Are you sure that you are bending hole 3 (which on your harp is a B that can be bent 3x: to Bb, to A and finally to Ab) and not hole 2 (which is a G and can be bent down to Gb and F)? If you are sure then tell us what note you get when you simply draw on hole 3 without any bending.

– Slim :sunglasses:


I had a similar problem. I couldn’t get the right hole. I thought I was until I used the bending tool in the video. I also had to put a tiny strip of tape down from the 2hole. I could feel it with my lip. I had been missing it almost every time until I did this. Once I could bend the three I could also draw the 2. Win win!


Hello @toogdog,
That’s how I did it in the beginning too. After a while I was able to remove it.:smiley:


Hey @lisaharwin good to see you back on the forum! I agree with the others, if you’re sure it’s a C harp, and you’re sure it’s a Gb, you gotta be on hole 2!

Rock on,