Bending Lee Oskar

I have a Lee Oskar in A.
I can’t bend as easily on it as on my Hohner Blues Band in C.
Is there something I can do to make the harp better, or would this probably be just my inexperience?

Methinks you answered your own question there Bugle Boy! hehe!

Don’t say what holes you’re having trouble with…

But keep on practicing!

Keep us posted!

Keep on harpin’!

I love LO i have 6 of em they make you work a little bit for a bend compared to some,But man they last,alot of people dont like them,But im on a budget ive had my LO for 1 1/2 years and there just now getting broke in.I tried a seydel and it would bend like a wet noodle love the tone of them but i can bust one in a month,tried 3 times a month a sydel I cant afford that,A lot of people say its better breath control needed,for them but my LO i can ride hard and put up wet:-) and they just keep a going.After awhile they bend good once you get used to the differece.

Some people knock the Lee Oskar but they are a great harp. They are built tough and they last. The only thing that some people complain about is the cover plates which have raised numbering but you get used to it. Also if you have some facial hair the cover plates can grab.

A C harp on the lower holes will bend easier than an A harp.

Thanks everybody. The cheap C harp bends any holes (any that will bend) easier. I don’t have a complaint with the LO though. It has a great tone. I had thought the lower pitched harps would bend easier.
Here’s another question: I’ve read that the chromatics don’t let you bend notes. Is this so, and why is this? Are the reeds too thick? I had two that was lifted off me, one being my Dad’s Hohner 64 from the 40’s or 50’s. I miss them. I’d love to have another to learn to play right.

Howdy Bugle Boy!

I pulled the following off of Dave Gage’s Harmonica Lessons. If one wants anymore, they need become a member of his site. However, this should suffice for now:

Bending notes on a chromatic harmonica- Because of it’s physical design (the added windsaver valves in particular), bending doesn’t work nearly as well on the chromatic as it does on the diatonic harmonica (most notes on a chromatic harmonica will bend about a half-step). You can’t obtain the same bending effect, but you also do not need to learn to bend in order to play a complete chromatic scale or sophisticated melodies. All notes on a chromatic harmonica will bend anywhere from a quarter-step to a half-step. You will get some bending effect, but nothing like what is possible when bending on a standard diatonic harmonica.

Additionally, I had read or heard somewhere that Little Walter used to bend notes on his chromatics as well. He was after all a master harmonica player!

Keep on harpin’!

Most of my set are LO harmonicas. I love the feel and tone and playability. I find I can bend the notes pretty easily.
I learned from one of Ronnie Shellist’s videos to just practice bends sometimes making sure you push tongue back and allow your jaw to drop. That really did the trick for me.
After awhile it’s all muscle memory.

Keep harpin’ … but not at your wife.


Hi The Buglebo now aint it a funny old world? :-\ as it happens I have a M/D Lee Oscar which along with my Delta Frost and Golden Melody all in Key of C these are my three favoured harps and by the way recently I bought a Big River in B which I also really like plays real smooth but not as good as the others when it comes to bending but I hasten to add with out a doubt the cause there would be little old ME as I have been playing only eight months and thats just a pin prick in the harp world.So before I wander of the issue completely as I an apt to do, having trouble in the bend department on your L/O in A you say, slightly remanisant of me with the big river in B and Buglebo it just happens that last night I ordered yes you got ! a L/O in key of A because I really like the the timbre of the key of A harp so you see we beginners when we set out on the harp high way are blissfully ignorant well I was any way. Ho boy ! this little box car shaped instrument is really quite complex to this guy it is any way but it teases me it pleases it tests me and I just love it every day you just know there is going to be a differant slant on the your learning curve so Buglebo I now await my L/O M/D in A to arrive in anticipation of the fun it is going to present me with but life just has to be interesting has it not ? good luck with your bending Buglebo…peace…keep harpin

my 1st good harp was a LO key of A i got a year in a half ago im still using it every day cause my new lessons a on a A harp i love it,Its a tank

Hi Hobostubs tell me please as I ordered one in key A last night to go with my key of C is the Key of A really difficult to bend ? also you said its a tank that has to be a good description they really do look solid and reliable but they feel good in you hand some harps are just not like that…peace…harp on :slight_smile:

I have been playing only eight months and thats just a pin prick in the harp world.

Yo, Yo, Yo, PJD!

Been seriously at this myself for about as long…

So please, please tell me when we get to grow into nails, spikes, and rails?!!

Gotta have my goals, man!! :smiley:

Keep on Harpin’!

SPD Out!!

Howdy again guys! The LO does seem stout. It does pull my whiskers out too, though.
I guess that’s just dues payin’ for playin’. Thanks everybody for all the good words. Sorry I don’t get to holler back like I’d like. With my Charter connection as flaky as it is (Corn Flakes could take lessons), I sometimes can’t stay on long enough to get back with you fellers on all the threads I pop in on. I barely got it to let me post this.
I’m doing better with the LO. I’ve actually only been working on this harp mission for some weeks now. I’m coming along. Melody is no trouble and blues riffs and train riffs are coming, but it’s going to take some work. It’s worth the work though. Don’t judge me for asking stupid questions yet. I’ll learn as I go along. Thanks again for all the support and help.

Don't judge me for asking stupid questions [i][u][b]yet.[/b][/u][/i]

You mean there is a time when we can?

Well I’ll be hawg dipped in cow patties and rolled in chicken butter counting the days, weeks, months, years…decades, centuries, millennia…eras, epochs, and eons! ::slight_smile:

Yeehaw! I can’t wait!! ;D

Keep on a keep on, Yo!