bending notes

hey there,
i was wondering ,what would be the easiest way to learn bending notes,
iam in need for any tips or tricks to achieve this effect
any help would be appreciated
peace 8)

Howdy Elihani! Tricks are usually bad habits in the beginning stages.
There are many hints and instructions here on how to learn to bend,
and there are many elsewhere such as on youtube.
Bending has to do mostly with altering the shape of your oral cavity
and breath flow (I am not speaking of drawing harder on the harmonica).
You should actually lighten up on your breath force and learn control properly.
The deep mouth position will help you immensely. Start practicing this now!
The more relaxed you are, the better you will be with any musical instrument
technique. I can tell you this with experience as I played many instruments in my
musical past.
Remember! Relax…Deep mouth position…breathe easily. Don’t blow and suck
air through the harmonica. Just breath through it like you breath when you are
relaxing…by this, I mean to do it without thinking about it.
It will all come, but you will have to give it some time. At first you will just get
color changes in your note. After a while, you will notice the note actually drop
a little. Wow! A bend! The bending will then come easier, deeper, and richer.
When you begin to get a bend, try holding the note flat (bent) for as long as possible, but remember to consciously MAKE yourself relax while you do it. I promise you will be looking for blow bends and overblows, etc. soon afterPay attention to JP’s first lessons. They will start you well!
I’m not affiliated with JP Allen in any way other than having chatted on the forum in the past, but his lessons worked great for me. If I could afford the new ones, I’d love to share his techniques and get my new harmonica club purchasing the lessons. That’s how much I like his lessons to start and continue harmonica playing.
RELAX and have fun with it.


Agree. But may I share this with you.
So I am working thru my lessons and also Vault lessons. I practice my lessons, single note regiment, and have begun reviewing and practicing bending technics you teach- excellent lessons ( doing this to break up my lessons and it provides me the “patience” as I simply am “trying the Technics”). Anyway wanted to share with you that I found this great app for Android devices called the Pro Harmonica Tuner. It will show you- as you are practicing Technic for single, chords, and bending if you are in fact hitting the note. It allows you to set the key, scale, position, etc. I find it to be a positive re enforcement. Now I need to locate that beat app.

Love your lessons…thanks!!

Many modalities such as these can be a help, especially if you are
enjoying using them and getting a lot of “mouth” time. The best
way to get the bending stonger is to PLAY as much and as often
as possible. Of course pay attention to forming good habits.
Jawbone, I caught your video. You’re on track. Keep that horn
well into your mouth with a relaxed EVERYTHING. Tipping it up
like JP teaches allows you to really form the proper oral cavity for
the different tone qualities and pitches you want. Practice brings
control. Soon you will realize you are bending without thinking
about it.
Play with your harmonica and have fun!