Bending Problem -3'

@Slim, here I am again. I have finally adjusted or tuned the reeds.
In the meantime, test with a wax dot on one of the lids whether the wax can also withstand the ultrasonic cleaner. Worked great, reed plates were now in there and can now dry.
My wax dots aren’t as pretty as yours, but no leftovers elsewhere.
That was my first and step by step follow the others. Glad I don’t have fifty harps. :grin:


Nice work, Astrid @AstridHandbikebee63 ! Let us know how it plays: Do you find it is sounding much different than before? How are the bends sounding now? Etc.

– Slim :sunglasses:

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@Slim, what should I tell you, I’m newly in love with my previously tormented sweetheart, my first harp.
A little while ago I screwed them back together after they had dried and of course tested them right away. It now plays “smooth as butter” without any effort.
Even if I was completely ignorant at the beginning of my harp studies, new after the recording, it was significantly worse.
The only thing I can hardly do anything about are the reeds +8 - +10. They play themselves, but without will. When I pluck them, they barely have any tension and they look a bit twisted and wavy in length. Since they’re naturally short, I can’t really get it off. But at least the overblows work there… :grin: and they’re still playing, albeit not that easy.
Conclusion: The effort and time is definitely worth it at minimal cost. However, you should find out exactly what to do and how beforehand.
The beauty, of wax removed from the reed plates can be reused.
:blush:happy Astrid :woman_in_lotus_position:


Just confirming that the Hohner Deluxe and the Crossover are the SAME KEY?


Yes Luke they are Both ‘C’ Thanks for asking.


This might help with bending.

-2-2-3*+4, -4-4+4-4-5
Try that out it’s the first line from Work Song

You can find the rest of the tabs here:

Paul Butterfield: