Bending problem

When I bend hole 4 draw it sounds ok but 2 or 3 draw bend is dull or flat. They don’t have the ring or reedy sound. I’ve used a chromatic tuner and can bend down a half or full step but it just doesn’t sound as bright or something. Is this normal on bent notes or am I doing something wrong?

I had to get out my harmonica to check!

Yeah, for me at least -2’ and -3’ don’t sound as bright as -4’. But I think thats just because its different reeds!

My guess is that either its that way for all harmonicas…

Or else we both bought duds!

Peace Out!


You’re just having another ‘newbie experience!’

Meaning, when you hear bends demonstrated on vids, recordings, etc. – They sound good. But when you do them, they may sound weird or funky. Why? The person(s) doing them spent the time to learn them properly, as well as got past the weirdness and funkiness of it all.

Bending notes down will not sound ‘bright’. Rather, since the draw reeds and blow reeds are being drawn towards each other to make the bends, they will sound flat, or what I call: froggy and/or old-style Studebaker car horny. Know what I mean?

{On the other hand, blow bends will sound ‘higher’, but we’re not talking about them now. Hehehehe! Anywho…}

If you’re using a Korg Chromatic Tuner or something similar, and making sure you can play straight 2/3 Draws correctly – As you inhale/change the inside of your mouth to bring the note(s) down, the meter should reflect going from a sharper or flatter tone as the case may be.

So yes, this is normal. And it just takes TIME to fully understand and comprehend everything there is to know about this great little instrument.

Hope this helps!

Keep On Harpin’!