Berenstain Bears

I’m watching the Berenstain Bears with my boys and loving the country harmonica licks. I may never have noticed before I played. I’m noticing the harmonica in so many songs now that I have been learning to play it. It’s sad that I didn’t notice it more before, but I definitely do now.

Aint that the truth, Same here, But I am also listening for harp music constantly.

Just went to you tube to have a listen and man your right I never noticed that

My kids are past that program and back when they were watching it I didn’t even
give it a second thought. It sure sounds good though ;D

Harp on!!

Those of us here in the States who have/watch the Discovery and History Channels, should know there’s a lot of harmonica - mostly strictly solos too - in the background.

Shows like “American Chopper” American Pickers" “Pawn Stars” as well as “Dirty Jobs” with Mike Rowe and anything else he may be involved in –

I always listen for the blues harp player(s) in the background. The credits go by too fast to know who this player is and/or these players are.

My initial guesstimate was Howard Levy; but he’s not L.A. based where most of these shows are produced. Not saying it couldn’t be Howard; yet, I too would like to get to the level of being able to do background on something, anything like this.

As a matter of fact, I was in a doctor’s office recently, and being alone with a remote control in my hand, I flipped over to a hunting show. And the background harmonica had a nice easy riff to it. I took out my GM in A and played along with it.

Gee! I guess I really can learn how to play by ear after all! Yay!

But still, yes, a lot of TV shows and many commercials utilize harmonica for their background music. And even without thinking about it, your ears will prick up and tune in when you do hear it!

So are there any other examples out there you’d care to share so we can all be on the 'hear’out for them?!


Keep On Harpin!

SPD Still On The job!

It appears that after some research the player may be Roly Platt.

He has the Berenstain Bears Series listed as a credit on his bio.