Bert from Italy...


my name is Bertrando (but everybody calls me Bert), I’m 34 and I’m from Italy. I’ve been playing harmonica for over 10 years and I love the old downhome, Delta and Chicago blues. If you read the post about my favorite harmonica players you will understand what I mean. I love the blues with all my mights: the blues is one of the important significant things in my life and I always have a harmonica in my pocket, even if I cannot play it (at work on the bus…).
The blues is part of me. I don’t know if I’m a really good harmonica payer but… I play! I discovered this forum only few days ago and it looks very cool! I hope I can be your friend! I hope not to make too many mistakes when I write too! ;D ;D ;D

Cheerio! (Ciao!)


WElcome, Bert from Italy! Well, how about posting a couple of those blues tunes you like so well? ;D
Look forward to hearing more from you!

Welcome home, Bert! This is the place to be, with guys enjoying learning to play the harmonica. Don’t worry about spelling. We’ll figure it out. Relax and have a great time.

Thank you all harp friends! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I would like to post some of my recordings, but I don’t know how… Once I had a blog with my mp3s but I don’t have it anymore… Do you know how can I post them?

Thank you!


If they’re external links –

You can just cut & paste the links directly in your posts.

If you want to get fancy you can place them (one at a time, one link each) inside the “mp3” player button of the function controls - found below “Message icon:” in the second row, second from the left.

Although not difficult, still, it may take a few times to get it down; and it helps if you double-check the links via “Preview” and afterward.

Hope this helps!

Rock on, yo!

Hey Bert from Italia,

you know my Grandfather was Italian-born, and I have some very fun Italian relatives in NY.

I am really excited that you have joined up, and would love to support your harmonica journey…I love the blues myself, and offer a lot of blues instructions in my lesson bundle for that reason.

Keep posting,

Your harmonica buddy,


Benvenuto, Bertando!

From JP:

you know my Grandfather was Italian-born, and I have some very fun Italian relatives in NY.
Along with this:!/

We definitely learn something new everyday around here!! :smiley:

Sicilian: “Quandu si las 'a vecchia p’a nova, sabe che lasa ma non sabe che trova.”

English: “When you leave the old for the new, you know what you are leaving but not what you will find.”

Buona Fortuna!!

Keep On Harpin’!! :slight_smile: