Besides JP, what other good online lessons are out there?

I intend to buy JP’s DVD bundle with my tax refund, but in the meantime I have been thru all or most of JP’s free lessons online.

My question is are there any other good beginners lessons floating around out there that people have discovered?? I’ve checked out a couple others, but they did not teach the same good techniques that JP teaches (for example, deep mouth embouchre and lip blocking for single notes - the others I found taught tongue blocking and or did not have a relaxed mouth position). I just want to make sure while I’m looking at other lessons out there I’m not developing any bad habits.

The videos that actually ‘inspired’ me to start playing are from a guy named Eric Johnson.

He has a website called Harmonica Notes.

He put together a series of lessons titled ‘Learn to play in 30 days’ or some such.

They are real basic, but gave me a decent foundation to get started.

He shows how to read tabs, talks about the circle of fifths, talks a bit about theory but not much (blues). Single notes, a bit about chords, riffs/licks are all covered. Again, the basic stuff.

One thing about the vids. I could tell (and if you watch you can too) he’s not a pro. He’s only been playing for about two years or so. It made the vids easier to follow. Some other folks out there like Ricci and Gussow are great, but for a beginner, they can be hard to follow (IMO).

The website, Harmonica Notes, is poorly conceived (again, IMO) but you can get all the video lessons from you tube. You can also get a few audio downloads (basically backup tracks) for free.

I also found JP’s stuff and again, IMO, he’s a good instructor for beginners.

Give it a look and see if you like it.

Thanks. I think I ran across that site at one point and went 4 or 5 days into his lessons. At the time I found it pretty difficult and then I discovered JP and left him behind. I’ll go back and revisit.

Jon Gindick’s got a special now on lifetime membership for $40, which is all his video lessons plus jam tracks, etc. I just started working thru it after finishing JP’s Happy Harpin’ series. JP’s are better for starting out, better organized, and the video quality is much better, but Gindick’s are good for the next step and getting more bluesy. He does emphasize fundamentals and building good habits, but JP’s drill it into you a lot more.

Adam Gussow has an absolutely fabulous series of instructional youtube videos…for FREE.

Just go to youtube and input “gussow.001” (without the quote markes) and you will be introduced to his series of well over 150 lessons of about 8-10 minutes each covering just about everything you can imagine having to do with playing blues harp.

As you progress, just substitute .002 and .003 etc. after “gussow” and you will step up to the next installment in the series.

And, the dude can PLAY!

Jim is another good place for lessons. It is mostly Irish reels/tunes and Bluegrass but will get you playing and teach you to play with some speed. They also cover Blues too but not as deep.

E.g. Interactive Blues Harp Workshop by Steve Baker:

In addition to the ones mentioned there’s also Dave Barrett’s Blues Harmonica. [url][/url]. An immense site with lessons, interviews and many other resources. There is a monthly fee though. The last couple times I bought a Hohner harp there was included a coupon for a free month. An amazing site.