Best Harmonica for Classical Music


I’m looking to get a new harmonica as my original is getting a little old and hard to blow/draw on a few holes. I play only classical music (primarily church hymns), not any blues or rock.

Which harmonica would best suit this? I’m not a musician but I’m assuming something with clear, crisp sounds would be ideal, nothing raspy or bluesy.

I appreciate any and all suggestions.

I mostly play on the Special 20 harps. I too play with our church Band and they like the sounds on most songs we play.
I like the design of this harp so as to get great sounds without much effort.
I might move up to the Crossover also from Hohner as I’ve heard it’s as close to being best for all styles of music.
Hope you find something that works for you.
P.S. Have you ever tried to take apart your harp and cleaned it. I have and was surprised how well it played as like it did when I first purchased it.

I have dozens of harmonicas, but I find out of them all, the Polar is the one I like most. I usually order each brand in the more common keys (C, G, etc.) but I have some in most keys. Polar is not nearly the most expensive, but not a cheapo either. I prefer tunes like Red River Valley, Clementine, Home on the Range, Amazing Grace, Taps, etc., so I guess, more campfire music.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve read a lot about the Special 20 and am leaning in that direction. I have not heard of the Crossover, so I will take a look at that.

I have taken it apart, and I clean it pretty regularly. I don’t mess with the reeds, but the holes 2, 3, and 8 have been getting more and more difficult to play. 3 just sounds empty and clearly is not in the right tune (it’s like it makes two different tones at the same time). 2 just started having issues and it’s difficult to play, like it’s clogged but it’s not. Same with 8, although I’ve been able to project the sound enough that it sounds good. I just think it’s time to move on and give it to my children to mess with.

Again, I appreciate the suggestion.

I appreciate your suggestions. I have not heard of Polar (I’m new to this) so I will check it out. I’m sure I can find videos of people playing these harmonicas so I can get an idea of what they sound like.