Best harmonica for long-term learning? How far will a Bluesband take me?

I have a few-ish questions, since I don’t know a lot about harmonicas yet.

The first one is, what is the longest-lasting harmonica for playing and learning how to play?

I’ve mostly decided to get the Hohner Bluesband harmonica, since it’s so cheap and is said to be good for beginners, but out of curiosity, how far will it take me in my learning process? Also, are there any examples of how many different songs I could play with the Hohner Bluesband?

Another thing, is there any risk in starting with a more professional harmonica if I’m a beginner? You know. Besides it costing more money.

I started with a bluesband a little over a year ago. However I moved on to a more expensive harp within two weeks. The bluesband harps aren’t very airtight and take quite a bit of air to play. I find it difficult to master my breathing on any of the cheaper harmonicas (bluesband, hot metal, any harp made by swan). I bought a golden melody after the bluesband and played it for close too 2 years with no maintenance (other than cleaning) before reeds started to flatten out. Now I play a seydel session steel and suzuki promaster. There’s no need to spend that kind of money on a harp as a beginner however. The special 20 is reasonably priced and they are very durable, responsive, and have a clean smooth sound. Personally I prefer the more ergonomic designs over the classic designs like the special 20, marine band and such but there are a lot of great harp players that swear by them. Good luck!! I hope you enjoy the harmonica as much as I have!!

Normally I wouldn’t resurrect an older thread, but this board seems to be fairly light on posts so I thought I’d throw in that I use the Hohner Crossover Marine Band. It is simply the best harmonica I’ve ever used. I like the Special 20 also, but for a few more dollars, the Crossover is my favorite.