Best online places to find jamtracks

When I started playing, as a musician I wanted to play with a band so I went hunting for good jamtracks – FREE of course.

I found a good place with lots and lots of tracks in different keys.

Have you found any you can share here?

Happy Harpin’

That’s a great esource!
Thanks for sharing.

We definitely should keep these in a separate file for use.

Let’s not forget about the fine folks here:

They’re getting all fired up for their Fall season soon!

Check out

I found a great one on Utube. I don’t know who it is but she plays in C and has a good steady beat. Kind of fun to improvise with. I think you can click on the code below and see it. Otherwise just search for Girl With harmonica on UTube.

Girl with harmonica

I’m just absolutely in love with Rebecca here:

  1. She doesn’t talk - And what guy wouldn’t want a woman like that?!

  2. She plays harmonica - So I’d love learning and sharing with her everything on that!

  3. Like to think that if we ever met and hit it off, I could call her “Sarah” and she wouldn’t mind it in the least! (Hey, a guy can dream can’t he?!) Mwuahahahhahaaha!

Hey Street

Rebeccca was the first video I actually learned from. She is just awesome and no talking. Actually, I checked out some of her other videos and she is not handicapped as you would think from her harp vid… She was just awesome and I learned my first riffs from her.

keep on harpin


Hey there, Flip!

Never thought a non-talking girl was a handicap! Usually it’s the other way around! ::slight_smile:

I still think she’s H-O-T! In a good you can take her home to mother sort of way too! :wink:

See ya!

Ah Um I like the ways this girl plays harmonica Ahem!! Seriously though for real. I think this thread is getting off track! ::slight_smile:

Gawd, what a set of…lungs and everything on her! Really great! And French to boot!

Absolutely stunning…And her looks aren’t bad either! Yowzah!

Off track, no, not at all!

I just suscribed! 175 vids and counting!!

You sure know where to find them, Mr. Snap-On! :wink:


Okay one more post, pizza arrived and I’m hungry! :stuck_out_tongue:

Shout out to Flip!

I still love Rebecca, and I’ll let this fine find of feminity talk anytime too:

Ciao, babe!


Christelle is awsome. I’ve seen most of her videos. Man if I could play like that, I’d be awsome. She is also very humble and states that she is just a normal person. Myself, I think she is a super star when it comes to harmonica. Maybe you can name her Sarah buddy. lol

Some good harp playin’ there !

Flipster: She and Rebecca are all ready there, my friend! In my mind anyways! I can dream, can’t I?! hehe!

PS: I really need to get an email over to Chris, the webmaster…he’s doing a helluva job with some upgrades already! But we need to get together so we can fire up this place even more! A few more posts, and over to him next! Will keep you all posted!!