BestmBlues Harmonica Players "FOR BEGINNERS TO LISTEN TO!"

I’m curious to what people think :stuck_out_tongue:

In order to become a good blues harp player, one must listen to blues harp a lot.

Who would you vote for. Not necessarily the best blues harp player but who you think
a beginner like myself should listen to in order to improve (get better).

Harp On!!

WOW!!! You consider yourself a beginner? I’ve heard you play. Not a beginner in my book!
I would say listen to a bit of each to give yourself something to base your decision on and pick the style that most appeals to you.

Hi PB,

Ya I’m making progress with some of the fast fiddle tunes I’m learning over
at Harmonica Academy,

But Blues I need help.

Harp On!!

I gotta say, I am glad you put it up! I am a pretty beginning player in blues, and you’re right, good blues comes from your soul!

Peace Out!


Ok! I know what you mean. I am beginning to understand the 12 bar, but I can’t play it either.
I am working on part B of Whiskey Before Breakfast at the Academy. I can play part A without a mistake until I hit the record button. I’ll get it tho!

Why pick one? I just created a station on with all those people plus Kim Wilson and William Clarke and called it Harmonica Legends. ;D

Message me your email address and I’ll “share” the station with you.

You know, obviously everyone of these guys is a master at playing blues.

But some of them play some serious complicated lics while others can
make simple easy lics sound GREAT! with there tone and hands ;D :wink:

So as a beginner with blues I would think listening to someone who’s playing
some simple basic lics very well would be the one to start with.

Harp On!!

Okay here’s my lil ole offering:

To Hear the Blues: Listen to all those you listed above and more…

To Learn the Blues: Watch Adam Gussow, Jon Gindick, and others’ youtube vids…

To Play the Blues: Look deep into your own soul and play what comes out!

Good luck!
“Have Harp, Will Travel!”

Hi Joe,

I am over at David Barrett’s and loving the lessons but if you are not looking for a full blown blues course you may like to go to They have some great pdf/recordings that may be useful.

I just purchased a 4xCD set from for $25.00 called “Little Walter and the King of the Blues Harmonica…blowin and suckin” and it is a great set and reasonably priced. It is 2 full CD’s of Little Walter and 2 with various artists.

There are many great blues players and you mentioned some in the vote panel however I like Little Walter (That was my vote) but each have their own style you may wish to copy.

I hope this helps.

Maybe Sonny Boy Williamson

Bye Bye Bird - Sonny Boy Williamson - Live In Europe - HQ

OK! I held off a while before voting to think about it a bit. I like Sonny Terry a lot but if I could only pick one it would be Charlie Musslewhite because his style of playing appeals to me more.

Same here. Although I gotta say of all the harmonica music I’ve listened to lately, William Clarke stands out for me as my favorite. Not exactly for beginners though.

You know, is it just me or does Charlie M sound like The Man In Black?