Blind Willie Johnson Tribute CD

The Blind Willy Johson tribute CD was released today at , It has some good stuff on it,Shane Speal,and Keni Lee Burgess to name a few they even let a bum like me Hobostubs put a song on it;-),Its only avaible for download for a short time,Its a project that for those of us that did a song could sell at live gigs or busking,Just as long as its not online but Shane has it for download for a few days.I did its (nobody fault but mine),Happy Easter everybody;-)

Well since it’s hot, better listen to it while it’s h - er um available! :smiley:

Happy Bunny Trails back atcha, Stubs! :wink:

Rock on, yo! ;D

i was wondering about the copy rights stuff myself ,But I guess blind willie is in public domain,Im not sure but that s the story I got;-)

No worries, Hobo – Your secret clip stash is safe here with us! :-X

Copy right? What copy right?! :o

Hehehe! ;D

Rock on, yo! 8)

:o stash what? 8)

Exactly! Sssh… 8)

Hehehehe! :smiley: