I’ve been praticing alot lately. On the way to and from work and during work if the boss is not around. Well today I noticed that I am getting a blister on my lower lip where the harp slides. My question is is there anyway to prevent this?

It may be a canker sore. Google it if you’re not sure. I have gotten them off and on all my life, and when I started playing harp, I started getting them again. One thing that has always helped me is taking Lysine. It should help to prevent them if you take it every day, and it will help them heal faster if you double up the dose when you have one. Since I started taking Lysine again as of a few weeks ago, I haven’t gotten one.

Also, swishing salt water around in the mouth always seems to help me with any kind of mouth sores.

Too much pressure! Lighten up! Totally relaxed lips.

Absolutely! And lick your lips to keep 'em lubricated!