Blown Away

OK, So I’m gonna open up a bit here. I am a drummer, percussionist, whatever. I’m not a pro, never wanted the lifestyle, but I’ve been playin’ 42+ years. I picked up guitar years ago, could play some “eagles” and various campfire songs, etc. About once or twice a year, I used to pick up a harp and play Camptown Races. It always impressed family and friends and brought a smile to everyone’s face. Then one of my sons got into Dylan and started playing guitar and harp. I would help him out with rhythms and such. Then one evening on the front porch he handed me a harp and we jammed, it was a blast! It got into my bloodstream. I finally went out and bought my own set of 5 Lee Oskar’s. Anyway, I found JP’s free lessons online and really got into it. Then you guys started this forum and I have really enjoyed it an dhave started to learn that I don’t know SH*T! Anyway, last night I went to one of the links SPD put up and learned to bend, not well at all, but bending the note anyway. Well, tonight I go to I am blown away. There is so much to this it is unreal! I am a little intimidated to be honest. Can anyone relate?
I’m gonna keep goin’ but wow, it is daunting.

Howdy Stanbo!

Intimated? Well only if you look at the thousands of clips of others doing it, and wonder why you can’t do it…or if you ever will do it too?

Daunting? Well only to the point of who are you trying to impress and what kind of timeline or pressure are you giving yourself that says: I have to get this done!

Know what I mean?

Sure I can relate, however too, I also found things overwhelming not to mention frustrating more times than not. And others have shared these feelings here too:

The upside is all of this is natural to experience and feel. The only downside is that when it’s your turn to experience and feel these things, how long will it take you personally to overcome and get past these hurdles yourself?

I won’t even begin to answer that one - would take me another book! All except to say know that it is temporary - but how long temporary - Only you will know and then can/have to answer it for YOU!

But also know there’s support. At least here and now! For however long it is, for however long it lasts!

And that’s a good thing always, eh, my friend?

So Smiles!

Keep on Harpin’!

Thanks for reading!!

Hey Stanbo!!!

The truth be told after 20 years of teaching I still sometimes feel intimidated too…

But I’ve got some good news. I’ve noticed that drummers tend to kick butt with the harmonica. It’s the rhythm thing…

Please stay in touch… I’d love to hear about how you progress over time…


You Know Stanbo

I was reading the thread here. My 2 cents is I’ve been only playing a little while,

Just over a couple years. Daunting and intimidating absolutely, but I’ve come to
the conclusion that this is a lifetime instrument for me to learn to play.

It’s not a race for me anymore! (Use to be) :stuck_out_tongue:

If I can just get a little bit better everyday I’m happy with the progress.

Sometimes I have an off day not playing so well and maybe that’s a day I put the harp down :wink:

But steady as I go, make short term goals and also some long term goals for yourself and
try and hit your goal.

Maybe its, and it could be anything, I want to learn the blues scale and be able to play it
at ____ beats per minute. And you give yourself a time frame. That’s an example of maybe
a short term goal, You know what I mean.

Steady daily progress you’ll get there and hopefully I will too ;D

Harp on!!

@ JF

All very well said yourself there, Joseph…All very well said! :wink:

@ JP

The truth be told after 20 years of teaching I still sometimes feel intimidated too...

Thanks! Just gives me something else to look forward to now. :’(

mwuahahahaha!! :smiley:

Keep On Harpin’!

Hi Stanbo,

I only started a few weeks ago and I can assure you I am totally intimidated as well by the playing and talent with this little instrument but I will get there and with your background I know you will too. All the best.