Blues City Shakedown

Hi everyone! I was hoping any of you by any chance has access to the tab for “Blues City Shakedown”. I really would like to learn that song (it might take a while…seriously) and iI have looked for the tab everywhere without luck, so it would be awesome if anyone could help me with some guidance.

Thanks everyone, and enjoy the holidays!


I did a search for it and found nothing! Appears you have more skills than you let on in your introduction. Maybe you can record the song and slow it down enough to pick it out by ear.

Thanks! Well, I’m actually not too skilled yet. The only song I’ve learned so far is Gussow’s version of “Checkin up on my baby”…and it still sounds waaayy too far from him. I just like taking on big challenges because I have noticed through my life that I get more motivated that way. But I think that getting the song by ear is something still too out of my league. I could still try, but if anyone out there happens to have the tab or to get it easier than me, I would very much appreciate a hand!

Thanks so much for your reply, and please keep me posted if you happen to find something! And have a nice evening!


You need to go to go to the forum area. They have a tab request area there with some VERY skilled players that look for a challenge. That is a great site too, with a chatroom!

PB got it covered there!

If you post a vid of the song, I might give it a shot if I get time!

But with the way work has been…don’t get your hopes up! lol


Hey BT, thanks! Sorry for the late reply but I’ve also been really busy at work. I would really love it if you could give it a try and help me out with that!
Here’s the link to the video.
John Mayall and The Bluesbreakers - Blues City Shakedown

Hope everything at work is great, and once more thanks for your help guys, you’re awesome!


Whoa…thats quite the piece there!

I’ll start on it, but it might take a while!

Intense bro, intense!!


Thanks a lot BT for trying! You’re awesome! Keep me posted!

Have a great weekend!


P.S: I’m a girl not a bro…but no worries haha…there was no way for you to know that. :slight_smile:

ROFL second time I know of that a mistake like that has been made!

A slight update…Key of E I think…anywho its played on a A harp. I’m slightly getting a few riffs down…

But wow…intense!

Peace Out!


Yep, I was the first. ::slight_smile: :smiley:
But, that time it wasn’t BT’s fault.