Blues key

Hi, I’ve played guitar for over 30 years. Love the blues. I’d like to try some harmonica. So I got a key of A to play some E blues music in cross harp. It just didn’t sound right… So I looked at the notes and see I’m playing a mixolydian scale. No b3rd note. :frowning: Most all the blues I play is using a b3. In fact the “blues scale” is your b3rd.

So my question: Wouldn’t a natural minor key be the best for me to play blues? E natural minor for a E key - basically a dorian mode. I’d rather not have the 2nd and 6th and I’d rather have the #4 added though.

From what I understand I can play a Bb harmonica in 3rd position slant harmonica for a key of C for the dorian mode also. But It would sure be nice to have the root of the key on draw 1 etc. To me it just seems like it’d mare more sense.

Why is there none in the “blues key” though? 1 b3 4, #4, 5, b7?

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You have to be able to bend notes, the flatted third is there you just have to bend to get it.

To me that seems odd though having the regular and flatted 3rd side by side. Wouldn’t it just make more sense to just have the b3?

Now some blues I play in a major key or major pentatonic but mostly I like the blues scale with the flat 3rds and 7th and option of the #4. Why is there no harp in the basic blues key? am I missing something?

Dave Byers

On the Lee Oskar website, there is a Note Layout and Key Chart for each harmonica in each of the brand’s four tunings.

Maybe that helps?