Blues mic

Hi! I’m considering buying a mic for my harmonica, so I wondered if anyone could help me to get a mic that would get the electric sound like is used by e.g. Elwood in the Blues Brothers:
Everybody Needs Somebody To Love - The Blues Brothers

That is a great song.

loved it. But I just didn’t hear a very distinct harmonica in it.

With that said I just purchase an Audix Fireball V Mic and
don’t think you’ll be disappointed with it.

Harp On!!

Well if you couldn’t hear the harmonica I may post another one:
Blues Brothers Jailhouse Rock

What kind of sound does that mic make?

Hoi Papadodt,
The mic he is using is a Shure Green Bulllit one of the old standards for playing blues. If you can Cup it well it give you a distorted harmonica sound, loved by many. But…its heavy and big. The new ones are from Mexico and dont have a very good element. You can find some more good sounding Blues harmonica mic’s, just Google the net.
I disagree with Joe (sorry Joe ;-)) the mic Joe is talking about is a great harmonica mic for a Clean harmonica sound (Fiddle tunes etc.) but not for Blues.

I don’t now how much experience you have with amplified harmonica, if not, a good recommendation is to purchase a Bottle of Blues harmonica, you will be surprised how it will sound if you Cup it tight.

Good Luck finding a good mic,
Have Fun, John


I also got a Shaker Madcat mic coming do in today, Do you think that one would be better for the blues.

Harp On!!

Well sure couldn’t miss that harp solo.

Thanks for posting I love that stuff.

I’m not! and expert on mics but you might want to check out the Shaker Madcat, I guess it fits nice in the palm
of your hand. I got one coming in today.

Harp On!!

Looks like a good’un, Joe! You’ll have great fun with that mic!

It looks really cool to make my own mic like this:
The problem is that I don’t know where to get all these kinds of part, but it would’ve been fun to try!

Did you by the way know that you can use your headphones as a mic! :smiley:
You just put it in the mic hole and then you go to start - accecories - entertainment - recording
or something like that! :smiley:

Heres’ a harmonica mic that becoming very popular.

This is still available for anyone interested:

“Have Harp, Will Travel!” 8)

without giving the-big-pitch, i make my own harp mics and Elderly sells my harp mics in their store. I’m a hobbyist, not a pro. I’m a Detroit mailman but i wanted a palm cupped mic that doesn’t feedback. So i asked my electronic engineer cousins to help. You really have to shove this mic into a speaker cabinet for it to feedback. It’s relatively clean and will have distortion only if the amp has distortion. But it wont feedback if you add distortion and play loud.

I'm a Detroit mailman

Who knew Cliff Clavin’s cousin from Motown played the harp…And quite well at that?! ;D


BTW, if I was into mics and amps looks like you have a good deal there…

Rock on, yo!!

One of the best mics for blues is the Shure SM 57 which is the same mic Jason Ricci plays and many other blues stars.


[quote author=Papadodt link=topic=683.msg5510#msg5510 date=1295453477]
It looks really cool to make my own mic like this:
The problem is that I don’t know where to get all these kinds of part, but it would’ve been fun to try!

Here is the one I made

Mic sounded really good tyson.

harp On!!

i had a lotta help from my cousin the Acoustical Engineer and his brother the Electronic Engineer. I just wanted a mic that fits in my palm without feedback.
Tyson, you made a GREAT harp mic! I’m a DYI guy, you’ll be surprised how many people are looking for exactly what you made. THATS what Ebay is for. I sold a few on Ebay and then Elderly Instruments i Lansing Michigan offered to stock them (i sold 2000 cardboard box upright basses). I think it’s all about doing it for yourself and then offering it to others.

bogdon –

Looks like a good deal as is. Any direct price breaks for forum members? How about some sound clips of it in action? thanks ;D

Hi Popadodt, the mic looks like a Shure Green Bullet, but it’s not the mic that’s giving us that sound, it’s the Amp. Any good mic will do but the mic is only as good as the amplifier/amplifacation.

Paul Butterfield had a sound like this and he used a Shure mic, google him to be specific as to his mic. Jason Ricci uses the same mic as Butterfield used (I think).


I’ve been thinking (first error) about making one from an old telephone mic to see what sound I get.

Hi Joe,

I didn’t see any more about the madcap mic you had coming. How did you go and are we going to hear any recordings?