Bob Dylan 70th B day coming up WOW!

I could spend a lot of time here ;D

I took the quiz do you know your Dylan…

I’m embarrassed to tell you how I scored :stuck_out_tongue:

Harp On!!

Just to a quick look-see, JF!

Yeah, lots of fun there!

I know there’s going to be lots to say about those Top 10 and Forgotten hits!!

One of my all time favorite albums is Desire --So at least Black Diamond Bay got mentioned somewhere!

Rock on, yo!

OH BTW: Bob might be turning 70; but some of them ol wrinkles of his are at least 80!


Sorry, couldn’t help that one!



I won’t tell y’all how I scored…old Bob would shoot me for sure!


I’m a tad older than Dylan but I think I look at least 10 years younger? I took the quiz but only got 3 right. I’m really not a Dylan fan as at the height of his popularity I was busy working and helping my wife to raise a young family. Set me a quiz on The Beatles, Elvis, The Seekers, Tex Morton or the great Slim Dusty & my strike rate would be much higher.

David, I have a Slim Dusty CD on my IPOD. “The Very Best of Slim Dusty”. He’s a very cool country singer.