bob dylan

I’m looking for a classic dylan youtube

the one where he is playing I believe Hey Mr Tambourine Man live.

Doesn’t have the right harp.

Ask everyone there in the audience "Does anyone have an E harmonica.

And every one starts tossing them on stage.

I thought I posted here at one time but can’t find it.

And can’t find on youtube.

Maybe someone will be luckier than me.



It was in one of your posts, JF:

Actually one of my favorites.

But as you can see the clip is no longer available. :stuck_out_tongue:
Here is one that’s apparently available… At-least for the time being ;D (The only thing is there’s a really anoying spansh KIA comercial that plays every time you want to restart the video, and you can’t skip it. But at-least you can watch the video on this one.)

whats up with all his videos being pulled off of youtube. Is that something he is having done or what? Kind of stinks.

@ JJ:
Thats great thanks a lot I downloaded and I’ll trim that commercial off…Wow there looks like theres
quite a few videos of him…THANK YOU ;D ;D

Harp On!!

Well JF –

There are such things as Copyright infringements and unauthorized use of images here in the States. I do believe in those laws, as they do/did protect the originators of their creations. However, it seems that with YouTube and other sites as we can see, such things are being eroded faster than the global warming ice caps at the poles are! Go figure!!

Shout Out: J~J!

Proved my points above, but nice find nonetheless!

Keep On Harpin’!

Not going to lie…its pretty funny!

Good video! Thanks for bringing it up!