Body modification

The other day I was walking around the neighborhood with my kids and I went about a mile and was carrying a 30 pound kid for about 1/4 of that and even though my legs were burning walking up the hill I noticed I was breathing as if I were sitting on my couch. I’m still not in good shape, but I don’t get winded easily. Then when I stretching my face to shave I noticed my bottom lip has its own biceps now. Next I was practicing a song with some quick notes in it and I noticed a loud sound and it was my vocal chords slamming shut like an old screen door. It is crazy what our bodies adjust and adapt to. Now I’m wondering if my tone would improve if I had my tonsils removed. Relax, I’m 90% joking about that. If it would improve my tone and my insurance would cover it I would be 70% joking about it. ;D

I think SPD would be able to help find the article… What is your nose doing?
If you’re allowing air to get through your nose on either blow or draw, that also can effect tone.
Not saying that is happening, but it does with me alot of times.
Something to think about. ;D

I think the Gregomatic is remarking about how well he is processing his breath since playing harp. Good breathing technique makes a world of difference in your health.
I don’t know about having the tonsilectomy, but I CAN tell you with utter assuredness that having your nose broken 7 times definitely does NOT help your breathing at all!!!
Of course the result of so many broken noses also effects the appearance of the hands and knuckles (and feet, elbows, and knees, shins, etc.). No, try to stay as natural as you came into the world. I promise it will be a lot less trouble when you are older.


I hear ya BB! Just so you guys will know. I remember not being able to play Planxty Erwin all the way thru because I did not have enough air. Note: I was a 1 1/2 pack a day smoker until September last year, I contribute that to God bringing me to the place that I was ready to quit. Plus, my air volume and stamina have improved exponentially! But seriously, pay attention to air escaping thru the nose! It’s all good. ;D

And, please! No one take offence, I’m not criticizing smoking, I did it for 35 YEARS!!

[u][i][b]Had to say this criticize NAH!!! it’s just not a healthy habit. Ya know what I mean SPD ;D ;D ;D

Man I’m picking on you tonight and your nowhere around, I’m gonna get it when you get back :P[/b][/i][/u]

Harp On!!

I’ve had some curiosity about the cords people who have the tongue splitting operation could create. Some body modifications are too far out.

I"m 100% certain I’m not doing that. Man it would suck to have that done and find out it hurt your playing. I would think that would make it pretty hard to do a lot of the other tongue techniques.

It’s amazing to me what people will do.

It's amazing to me what people will do....Now I'm wondering if my tone would improve if I had my tonsils removed.

Well G-Man, I’ve heard tell of what removing other certain body parts did for the Boys Choirs in the Old Country.

Perhaps when you get to that (st)age of you’re not needing em anymore, see if taking them out makes any difference in your tones!

Of course, by all means:

Keep us posted!

Even stranger than the tongue modification is that a surgeon would do that.
Did you know that there is a recording done by one of the last castrati? Its been done that recently. Very messed up!

I googled “castrati”… ::slight_smile:

And er um erp…Still something I don’t quite want to be given the “lowdown” to… :-X

Yet only you would find out all about it for us dudes here though, eh?! :o

Keep On Harpin’!

{notice i didn’t say ‘rock on’ either…mwuahahahahaha!}

Yes,I’ll see if I can find the reference and I’ll post it.

Believe me, I saw enough references on it to…well, last the rest of my lifetime anyways… :o

One site also crashed my computer…not once but several times…ugh! :stuck_out_tongue:

Laters, yo!

I remember back in the 70’s, there were still some tenuously tenacious tenors who sang the part of the Castrati, but I doubt any of them had been to the alteration shop to apply the appropriate technical bulleton required to officially brand them.
I will cast a negative chord toward smoking. I’m not afraid. People will build a camp fire and sputter and run away from the smoke when it gets in the eyes and lungs. But the same one will take some dried grass (not a euphemism), wrap it in paper that has been processed with dangerous chemicals, light one end, and suck the smoke down into the body through a filter of questionable health hazards. “Man, that’s a good smoke!” What was wrong with the hickory and oak? It has as much carbon monoxide as the cig. It sure smells better burning.
Besides, you’ll never make it into Catratiland without FULL use of your lungs. There may be other body parts you can do without, but you’re gonna need your lungs for the high notes.

BB one more time…it’s all in fun…most of the time :wink:

suck the smoke down into the body through a filter of questionable health hazards

Good thing I only smoke non-filtereds, eh?!

There may be other body parts you can do without, but you're gonna need your lungs for the high notes.

Well Whiskat and I just got out of the chat room where this dude showed up and played:

Bruno from Uruguay said everything was based on developing and using your “Diaphragm” rather than your lungs.

Of course, when I use my diaphragm it sloshes the beer around, but we got the idea!

Rock on, yo!!

I met that guy a Saturday night, gave grate pointers on bending and tongue block.

He was real, cool wish I could do that :stuck_out_tongue:

I must have missed him in the chat room.

Maybe next week.

Harp on.

I have to consider the tongue blocking capabilities one would have if your tongue was split like that tattooed “Lizard Man” guy. Dual octaves, split chords, pulling and slapping with one side while playing single note runs with other, endless possibilities! And that is just on the harmonica.

I was wondering how long it would take some one to go there ;D

[center]I was going to put another video i found up here of a guy getting his tongue split but I couldn’t
watch it so I put this one instead.

Some kind of alien creature for sure.

J’s clapping tongue.

Harp On!![/center]

Dammit man!

Dude could probably split the octaves on two harps simultaneously, I’d say! :o

Both Ooh & Ugh there also! :stuck_out_tongue: