Bonus Links in Blues Bundle Lessons


New to JP’s lessons and the Forum.

Went through Happy Harpin and that was incredibly helpful in building great foundations in learning how to play harmonica.

Went on to order the Blues Bundle 8 DVD 2 CD set.

I have not picked up as much with this bundle. It does indicate that it also comes with a bunch of bonus links, looks like PDFs to other sorts of training tools/resources. I was hoping to see if this would give me some good info to build on my training thus far.

I have the physical DVD Bundle package, but cannot find any kinds of links to these Blues Bundle extras/bonuses. I went through all my confirmation emails and there is nothing in terms of links to the bonus material.

??? Does anyone know what I was supposed to get or have any info? Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you and have a blessed day.

Just drop JP a note. He and his team are very responsive and will gladly help you get the links…they did that for me with no issue.

Keep Harpin’,