Boot Camp - Lesson 39

At the end of lesson 39, JP invites us to keep up with him as he accelerates in speed using the Tucka/Toodul draw/blow breathing pattern.
In starting out slowly and increasing the speed, it seems easy with Tucka/Toodul, however at the very end at the highest of speed, is it still possible to actually use the Tucka/Toodul, or is he just inhaling/exhaling from his diaphragm?
Please tell me he’s dropping the tucka/toodul …please???

Trying to enunciate at high speed is almost impossible. What you’ll end up doing is just working the tongue inside the mouth, like clicking it behind your teeth, to get the separation.

You can do it just with breathing, but you can’t keep it up for very long or you’ll hyperventilate. Using a combination of the two and throwing in the occasional train whistle helps break things up and allows you to catch your breath.

Well Catmann, thank you for the reply. That’s what I was hoping to hear. I don’t mind getting a little dizzy (that’s my nature), but hyperventilating isn’t something I feel comfortable with.
That lesson really had me scratching my head.