BRAND new beginner from South Carolina!

Hey guys,

Have always wanted to play harmonica, but never thought about really playing it. I play a little alto sax here and there, but I wanted to branch off while I’m in Virginia for college. So on a trip down South to my south carolina house, i passed a cracker barrel, and while I was in it, I saw a 6 dollar bluesband harmonica and I had to pick it up.

So now I’m here, and I want to learn how to play harmonica. I’m interested in meeting al of ya’ll and everything I can learn!

Hey, we were all brand new at one point or another!

Make sure and ask any questions you might have!


Welcome, I love SC and Cracker Barrel ;D

The harmonica is great instrument for killing time between classes.

Welcome! I extremly recommed another harp: Special 20. But, BluesBand is a great econmical harmonica.

Maybe these simple lessons can get you started???!/

Keep on blowing.

Hey Skelaw! I’m in the Piedmont SC. I hope you enjoy your harp journey.
Get a good harp. It’ll make a big difference in how long you stay in love with harping.


That Bluesband should do you fine while getting your feet wet learning the basics. When the time comes that you are ready to learn bending you will need to get a better harp. Until then that Bluesband will see you through.
Welcome to our forum/group and we look forward to your questions and points of view.

Of course Mr. Bunyan is correct. You’ll figure out when you need another instrument. You said you’re a sax man? Ain’t it great how we can upgrade our harps so inexpensively? It costs thousands plus to get a real top line trumpet or flugel. I know this well. I can buy a custom harp for a tiny fraction of one of my horns. Believe it or not, I think I enjoy playing harps more.


Welcome aboard the blues band train, and hold on and enjoy the ride of learning.