Brand-new Lee Oskar Major Diatronic C: draw on hole 2 not working


I just got my very first harmonica, a Lee Oskar Major Diatronic in C. I tried blowing and drawing on each hole (I can get some single notes out of the thing), but the draw on hole 2 does not seem to work.

Is this perhaps a beginner’s problem or should this hole work just like e.g. hole 1 or 3. Might this be a defective harmonica?

Thanks for any info!

(Typo in that first post … supposed to say “diatonic”).

I wonder if this is a blown-out reed? But how can that happen with a new harmonica? Or does it still need to be "broken in "? Hmmm…

Anytime anybody says “I got my first harmonica and the hole 2 doesn’t work” there is never anything wrong with hole 2. Beginners have a LOT of trouble with hole 2. They always have. Always will. Hole 2 never works for beginners.
It doesn’t need to be broken in. I’m sure it’s perfectly fine. You’ll get the hang of it. We’ve all had this problem with hole 2 when we started.

Of course all this could be mute if I don’t know what your definition of “doesn’t work” is. What exactly is happening?