Brand New, South Africa

Hey all

I am Jonathan, I am from South Africa - the place where people believe I walk with lions. However, I live a 1st world lifestyle ;). My friends father has collected and hoarded instruments of all kind from his birth, and decided to give me 4 Hohner Super Chromonica 270’s. I have started some tutorials, but hope that this forum will help me further.

If anyone can answer a question I have had burning. One of them I do not want, as I have two in the key of “C”. The one I want to get rid of is a Hohner Super 270 from the 70’s when my friend’s dad was in the Rhodesian war. It is beautiful. It is in a green pouch and has recently been tuned. I am going to polish and shine it to a sexy finish. Could anyone estimate it’s value. Out of condition I would give it a 81/100. ?

Anyone also have any tips and advice for a newbie like me? only 20 years old, and understand all music terminology as I am a huge Bass and Electric player

Not me but welcome to the world of harpin’. Chromatic harmonicas are alien to me outside of the fact I’ve seen them before and heard them played. Sounds like you were gifted a very nice set.

Anyway welcome aboard this midnight train to nowhere ;D. Feels like back in my banjo days lol

Harpin’ Doje from Derrick City, PA USA