break-in or not

I’ve read and heard different opinions on breaking in a new harmonica. Some say do it some don’t. Do some need breaking in and others don’t? What are the dangers if a harp is not broken in?

“Breaking-in” just refers to an old time practice no longer necessary. If you’re new and don’t know your way around an OOB instrument, take your time with it. If you have some experience already, then you should have no problem hitting the 2/3 draw bends as soon as you break the seal and start playing.

Keep On Harpin’!

SPD got it!

The only thing I would add is that sometimes cheaper quality harps need a bit of help just out of the box…but they shouldn’t be too bad! Once I get a harp I usually just bend for a while, trying to loosen it up…not exactly neccesary, but I do it anyhow!

Peace Out!