Breathing on the Simple Blues Scale

Hey all, I was just working on JP’s simple blue scales tonight and really had a hard time with the breathing. There are so many consecutive draw notes that I feel like my lungs are going to explode. Any tips?

Also, any tips on using the coughing technique on a draw note? I think I’ve got it on the blow.

Don’t hold the notes so long, flow from one note to the next. Use less air, it doesn’t take much air to produce the sound. Breath from the stomach.
As for the cough, try saying Kee instead. Using the tongue on the roof of the mouth to accent the note. Practice, practice,practice!

I would add 3 things :

  • don’t play sit down on a chair, but get up, hold up straight.
  • relax, drop your shoulders
  • Use your nose to inhale

practice in doing some train imitations exercices, or shuffles rythmes, Sonny Terry Styles…