Budding harper here

Hey, Dave from Florida here, and I’d like to learn how to blow on a harp properly. I’ve got two Hohner Hot Metal harmonicas, in G and C keys.

I’ve always loved songs with a harmonica in it, so I figured what the hell, at the very least it keep boredom at bay. I’m hoping to play stuff like Steppenwolf’s Tighten Up Your Wig. Thats about it really.

Oh wait, one more thing, nothing wakes you up like a mustache hair or two getting caught in the metal. I don’t think I have ever cussed that much at one time ever in my life.

Welcome to the group Dave! A drop or two of finger nail polish at the ends top and bottom will help reduce to mustache snags. Lots of good friendly people here. If you need help just make a post and you will get the help from someone here. Your harps will help you break the ice and get your feet wet but you will want a little better harp when it is time to learn to bend.
Keep us posted on your progress!

Well good to meet you!

Sorry about your 'stache…totally take PB’s advice!

Feel free to ask any questions!


OK, just one at the moment, is there a key that Blues songs generally have? I’m thinking about picking up a Lee Oskar Major Diatonic, and since I’m planning on cross-harping me some Blues in the future (I’ve actually got the Mannish Boy/Hoochie Coochie Man/Bad to the Bone riff pretty much down, and accidentally discovered how to bend in the process; its the exact same tongue/mouth movement to make the waterdrop noise I like to make when I’m bored) and I really only have the cash to spare for one harp (Christmas took its toll). If I am to only get one harp I’d like it to be the one to get the biggest bang for my buck.


You might get two Hohner Special 20’s for the price of an LO if you shop well. I have an LO so I’m not putting them down. I like them. Shop for Spec 20’s in a couple of keys if you’re already bending. You’ll probably find the Spec 20 easier to play at this point in your journey.
Welcome aboard! Glad to have you.


Hello, Dave
Whereabouts in Florida? I’m in central Florida myself.

Welcome to the group.

Saint Cloud, nestled between Kissimmee and miles of cattle. You?

How about a Golden Melody, it looks like it consistantly has good reviews, its quite a handsome piece, and its on sale on this site. How suitable for blues-harpistry is it?

I give you props for owning Hot Metals from Hohner, I as well own them and love to make them sing and whail. I would use a D harp or an E harp, or an A harp, for the Blues.

Welcome to the Club, the key to success is to practice, so that you can perform to your potential.