Hi harmonica community,

Quick question, I have started to follow Adam Crabb of Crabb Revival recently, and he is one awesome harp player. I went to the site, and he uses Bushman harps. Does anyone have a strong feeling one way or another about this?

I have gone through JP’s series (3times), and as much as I do like my Special 20, I want to branch out and try new sounds. I am looking at the Promaster by Suzuki and the Bushman.

I can bend decently, on the Spec 20, so I am confident I can learn on other models too.



I’ve heard lots of good things about the Delta Frost; it’s supposed to be very similar to the Suzuki Harpmaster, but with reeds more like the Bluesmaster. Some have speculated that Suzuki made it for Bushman, but it may be that both use the same contract manufacturer.

In any case, I’ve also heard lately of delays when ordering from Bushman. I would order from a good retailer like Rockin Rons.