Busking amp

I’m thinking about busking this summer and I’ll need a good portable amp. I have a lot of experience with valve amps but have never used a battery operated portable amp. I only need around 3 to 5 watts but could live with something larger. I only need the amp for it’s clean tone because I will mostly play folk harmonica and the little bit of blues that I do play will be done through an amp modeling pedal. I’m looking for the cheapest smallest thing I can get without sounding like garbage. What do you guys suggest

Edit: I should add that in the UK pignose are not readily available and not nearly as good a value as in the US.

Unfortunately, whatever I get will have to be purchased online because I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere and the only nearby music shop does not stock battery operated amps of any description. Being in the business of music I know that horrible equipment can be made to sound good with enough tweaking so I don’t trust online sound clips which is why I’m looking to you guys.

I’ve had my eye on the Roland micro cube bass amp simply because I’ve had good experiences with roland PA’s and keyboard amps but don’t know if that would translate to this. I’m also not excited about the 200 quid price tag. I really want to stay under 100 GPB if possible

Vox builds a little battery powered amp that is 5 watts and has a decent clean sound, the speaker in it sucks so I run the speaker extension out to my harmonica cab and it sounds great. I use it when we play out side as it seems I am the last one to be offered electricity. It takes 6 double AA battery’s and that lasts about 18 hours. It also comes with an ac adapter for when you do have electricity and a guitar sounds darn good through it also.
It is called the vox Mini5 and I run it through is earcandy sweet harp 1x8 cab
Hope that helps :wink:

so i’ve decided i’m going to make my own amp from one of those cheap class d kits on ebay. i’m gettig a 3 watt x2 stereo board that i got for .99 gbp. I will try to bridge the outputs for 5 watt mono but might burn it up in the process but because it cost less than a ojnd i figure it is worth the risk. I will let you know bow it turns out.