Busking equipment????

Hohner Special 20 Key of C = $34.99

All I have so far!
I want to have GOOD busking equipment so, tell me what i need ???

An amp and a mic wouldn’t be amiss…

Search the forums for amps or mics and it should bring up some stuff!


The Pignose Legendary 7-100 (amp)
Hohner 1490 Blues Blaster Mic with the volume knob (mic)

and what does a Digital delay pedal for harmonica???

It kinda adds to that Chicago Blues feel to it!

SWEET GEORGIA BROWN: PowerBender Harmonica with Loop

Here is a video where Brendan does some sweet stuff with effects…

It all really comes down to what style you’re going for!


That video is just amazing BT so much fun wish I could do that.

Harp On!!

The ability to play your ass off would be very beneficial, no amount of equipment will overcome bad playing. If I owned a business and someone who coudn’t hold a crowd set up camp near my store I would pitch a bitch.

Very true, and electric will be counterproductive to joining that acoustic folk/country/blues chick with the guitar.

I have been thinking about this and the above advice is very true but I have to say that if you are busking in the street or similar then the just straight acoustic of a harp is surely enough. I like the pignose amp combination but if you are in the street then it will require recharge batteries or a friendly store with a readily accessible power outlet. I tend to just put down my hat on the pavement and play without any amp. The volume is less BUT stores are less likely to ask/demand I move on because it is too noisy. I can play a corner and if it isn’t working for me just move up a bit until I find a good spot. I have several that are kind of like little alcoves so get the resonation off trhe walls which acts to increase the volume but also adds echo/delay.

Personally I find the best combo is three harps G D and an A then go out and and have fun.


It depends on what kind of sound you’re wanting…if you’re going for the Little Walter Chicago Blues tone, the original Pignose amp is hard to beat…uses AA batteries and weighs next to nothing.

I want a cleaner, more natural sound, plus I sing and play guitar at the same time, so I favor the Crate Limo50, which is more of a mini-PA…great for busking, as it gives you a little more volume, but won’t knock down walls (or get you chased off), and the built-in battery is good for about 6 hours…a bit heavier, but not hernia-inducing.