Can anyone help.

[b][i]This is an email that came into the help desk at from a
Chaplain in California I believe.

Jessica asked me to post on the forum.

So if there’s anyone who’s interested his phone number is below.

Thx Joe… check out his web site also[/i][/b]

On Wed, September 14, 2011 12:28 am, Chaplain DOV Cohen wrote:

Dear JP,
This may be one of the stranger emails you have ever received. I am
Chaplain of the SHIR HaSHIRIM Community - see - primarily designed
to accommodate veterans, active duty military, their families and friends;
many are aging veterans of the WWII, Korea and Vietnam eras.

I am seeking someone to play the Kol Nidre prayer on Yom Kippur night,
October 8, at about 8 PM. Secondly, I am seeking someone to teach me how to play
some of the more traditional melodies of Hebrew liturgy. I know nothing of playing the
Harmonica but feel this will be something in which I can invest the coming year so that
next Yom Kippur, I can play for our community.

The Kol Nidre is repeated three times on Friday night, October 7; perhaps
you have two others With whom you could each play slightly different, individualized versions
and then harmonize.

Chaplain DOV Cohen
(617) 605-7750

Shalom Joseph!

On the downside, definitely a unique, unusual, albeit possibly difficult request at that.

On the upside, allows lil ole me to put up some Al Jolson clips so as to better understand and hear the solemn music of the Jewish peoples everywhere.

On both sides, thumbs up and good luck!

Al Jolson sings “Kol Nidre” in “The Jazz Singer” 1927
Al Jolson sings Yiddish “A Cantor on the Sabbath” (On Screen English Translation)
Al Jolson - Hatikvah