Can anyone Translate German for me

I have something in German and I would like to know what it says in English, any German speakers here that can help me?


Pick your poison:

Another poison- Google Translate!

If Google translate dont works for you, send me a E-mail, I think I can help.


Google translate got close enough for me to realize it’s a pretty rough expression. It comes out in a pretty strange order but I think it should translate to “If you can’t F your friends who can you F” and something about being stabbed in the back.

Sounds like a German love letter to me…Lucky you!! :-*


When my German ex-g/f found my family was from Poland and Yugoslavia, she basically told me the same thing…Not in so many words, mind you…But the sentiments were there… :o

Guess that’s why she’s my German ex-g/f, eh?! :-X


I speak a little bit of German, Not fluently, but I can mostly understand if I’m reading it.