Can I get the Harmonica Course In The Uk

Hi there.
I have just gone through the free JP Allen lessons I found whilst trawling the internet and really enjoyed them. I would like to get the set but I live in the UK and was wondering if there is anyone stocking them over here as I don’t really want to get hit with Import duty. Any help would be appreciated.

Howdy Andy!

If you email

From the website here:

Jason or someone from the customer care service should/will answer your questions about acquiring the world’s best most favorite home harmonica course overseas, as they do it everyday.

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Have fun!

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I have just sent one off.

Cool beans!

Keep us posted on your progress!


“Have Harp, Will Travel!” 8)

Welcome to our funhouse. You’re going to enjoy the lesson set.


The only thing I’m unsure about now is the relatively cheap price of the harmonica academy. It seems really good value. I did really like the video style lessons of jp Allen but I don’t know whether I can warrant the extra money that I could spend on more harps.

Well just to add my two cents for whatever it’s worth here…

When I first started out again learning this thing called harmonica, I joined the various sites like Harmonica Academy and Dave Gage. I passed on Dave Barrett; yet when Howard Levy opened his online school, I paid my membership dues there too.

As well, there’s plenty of sites and forums like Adam Gussow’s Modern Blues and Seamus’ Harmonica Club - not to mention all the YouTube vids from JP Allen to Jon Gindick and several gadzillion others!

I also have collections of books, CDs, DVDs etc. etc.

Thing is Tony Eyer’s site is okay and we have many fine members who are here and there. For just me though, it doesn’t exactly ‘grab’ me; so along with Gage, I let my accounts go.

While I still maintain my membership at Howard’s place, still, I rarely visit it at that. I don’t know…$60 per quarter annum isn’t too bad; guess it’s just prestige or something. Hehehe!

Anywho…If something does ‘grab’ you, and you think you might like it, give it a shot. The annual dues are really decent; inexpensive as compared to Levy’s school, for sure!

And for the price of one harp, at least for the whole year, you’ll still learn something. And because there are crossover members here to there, at least you’ll be in good if not great company to guide you along also.

That’s my thoughts anyway.

Bottom line: It’s all good. You’ll be fine either way.


Keep On Harpin’!

I must say it didn’t grab me like the jp Allen lessons did. The videos and the explanation even of very basic normally dull was still interesting. Perhaps its worth playing about with the free stuff for a few weeks and pay the extra.

You’ll be okay wherever/whatever you do I’m sure!

Yet regardless of where the journey takes you, as I like to impart to neophytes, as I was/we all were, and you won’t be for long is: You gotta have a plan, man!

So as you’re definitely excited about learning this thing called harmonica, at least have a course of action to follow. Meaning, devote some time to listening to harp music; watching other harp music vids; playing harp music; reading up on harp music – not to mention studying and eventually getting your hands ‘dirty’ on the care and maintenance of those harps you have!

Yeppers! There’s a lot to know and do when it comes to harp. But as I found and impart too is: A little bit of knowledge in the vast & mighty Harmonica Universe is a lot of knowledge in the vast & mighty Harmonica Universe!

So as far as I can see from where I sit –

You’re doing fine now, yo!


Keep on Harpin’!

Well, welcome!

Glad you got your journey started, and I wish you the best of luck!


Welcome Andyroid20!
I agree with SPD on everything he said, It is all in what ur looking for in your lessons. JP Allen will get you started playing the harp, then playing with others, then he will introduce you to the blues.
I am told Harmonica Academy will teach you to play, but is more into using Celtic music to teach. Blues is offered later. I plan to join H.A. in the future.
Advantage of JP’s bundle is you will have it for ever! No matter how long it takes, you have all the lessons there. With H.A. when the year is gone so is all the lessons! Yer gonna learn something from either one you pick, you can’t go wrong! Good luck on your journey!

Thanks all for your help. I ain’t heard back from my email about shipping to the uk but I think I will go for it when I got the money. As long as I allow a third for the import taxes and car I should be ok.

Well if you don’t get a response to your email within a reasonable amount of time, I’ll look up in my e-Rolodex for another address. Just let me know! Thanks!

Now though, I’m not aware of how the sites are setup in the UK or anywhere but in the good ol USA here – However, when I ordered online, I went the trial period route.

Meaning, I used my credit card and paid the introductory price. Within a week, the JP Allen world’s best-selling most favorite home harmonica DVD set was mine!

After checking out the first couple DVDs to make sure they worked properly, I was so excited, and after doing the math, so to speak – I emailed Customer Service and asked if I can pay the whole thing off at once.

Jason, JP’s CS Rep, got back to me and said ‘No problem-o!’ So I did; and the rest they say is history!!

Again, I’m not sure how everything works outside the good ol USA; but I’m sure you’ll be impressed and know it’s definitely all worth it!!


Keep On Harpin’!

Got a message back. They only ship from UK but there is a digital only version or a payment plan option. I quite like the idea of the digital option as its half the price and I don’t need the harmonicas. Mmmmm food for thought

With the digital version you can put it on your MP3 player and take it with you. I call that an advantage! with the CD bundle you can only download the jamtracks. I’d go digital myself, save the postage and the time. You could start your lessons in less than an hour!
Let us know what you think about the digital version! There have been no reviews on it yet.

Do u know if the video files can be stored as well as just the audio files. I have sent an email asking about it but haven’t heard back yet.

I got an email back and they said that whilst there is no objection to downloading them there is no support to do this. I am assuming it is probably an easy thing to do and I am pretty good with computers but I would like to know if anyone has done the digital course so I can just verify that it will be straight forward as then I can just put the lessons on my Android phone to take with me.

I would like to know if anyone has done the digital course so I can just verify that it will be straight forward

Okay, so far, here’s all I/we can tell you on this…

Our good friend David T acquired the Gypsy DVD lessons via download files, as he explained here, beginning with Reply #6 and so on:

While I have the boxed DVD set, all the supplemental books are in files that I’ve placed into a large folder; and I’ve made printer copies of the various songs/tunes/exercises I wanted to learn and carry around with me.

So if you know how to make your own hard copies from all the files, you should have no problems. Hope it works out for you. Keep us posted!

Keep On Harpin’!

I have not bought JP’slessons yet but when I can I figure I will do the download. Sorry I can’t be more help!