Can we do RPGs in here?

If so I’d kinda like to start one. Anyone have any good plot lines or anything?

Um okay…What are RPGs? ::slight_smile:

And rules and all that jazz… ???

@OP (Opening Post): An RPG would be fun and hopefully this one would go until the end.

@SPD: An RPG is a ®role-§playing (G)game. In forums, someone would make a story line and people would create their characters according to the rules and story of the RPG. Then, the “players” would continue the story by playing it out as if they were the character.

For example,

The story was that guitar players ruled the world and the other instrument players would make a coalition against them. (< not my best work :P)

Then you could choose a side (perhaps the harp players), create a character, and then continue the story.

Thanks so much for the explanation, Ace!

I appreciate it!

Well the forum and lounge is open to try anything at least once. Even the Whiskat (formerly known as God) game:

If it works it works; if not, oh well no harm no foul for trying, eh?

So by all means, ya’ll give it your best shot, have at it, have fun, and see how it goes here!

Good luck!

Ok, so any topics or plot lines in mind? Or do I actually need to think? ::slight_smile:

Tag! You’re It!

I wanna see how goes!

I’m guessing that means I need to think… Ok, I know it’s very generic and over used, but what if we did something about a group of people stranded on an uncharted Island? Bad idea?

This wasn’t what I was looking for but I couldn’t resist.

Gilligan’s Island Theme

Harp on!!

Okay…Gotta admit - My first thought when you said

This wasn’t what I was looking for but I couldn’t resist

was oh no, not another friggin LOST storyline. :stuck_out_tongue:

{I’m not even allowing myself to get into “The Event” crap on NBC this year.} ::slight_smile:

But then okay, been quite awhile since I saw anything Gilligan, and…

Dude! I’m so glad to know ‘our’ time online doesn’t go to waste!!! :smiley:


@JJ/Jonathan/Jon~Jan: Well, the uncharted island thing works. Just start it if you want. You could have a basic story that can lead to so many things. I’ll try to help.


  • The people were on a cruise/boat trip, went off course, and landed on a deserted island.
  • The people were on an airplane that crashed into the water, they evacuated the plane once they landed, and found their way to a stranded island.
  • Researchers were on an exploration trip and stumbled upon a mysterious island. They search it hoping for an artifact, or something “different”.

Well, I’ll join once you start!


Well actually PB made this really awesome intro an I thought we could build off of that.

OK! I just came to with a very large knot on my head. I find myself stranded on an island in a small village full of harmonica players.
I don’t know how I got here or what to do. I don’t recognize anyone.I’ll have to play it by ear.
I ask where I am and they say this is JANZEN ISLAND, they bring me fruit and wine and dress my wound. I ask who is in charge and they tell me I will speak with him/her soon.
My head hurts, must get some rest.

Ok so I would like to be the guy in charge of the Island, (considering it’s named after me) A.K.A.the “Chief” and other people can claim other roles. And if you think of any other roles that were not included in the intro, just tell me that you want to create a new person and it should be alright.

Um, like WTF?!

Or as Deandre Cole says:
Saturday Night Live 682 (Se 36 Ep 02) Bryan Cranston - What Up With That? (Morgan Freeman)

Meaning, isn’t this like supposed to be some story thread? So like if you’re all just going to comment on your comments - Well kind of defeats the purpose doesn’t it?!

As I said, I have 1000 ways to spin this in about 5 minutes. But it’s all your game - So friggin A start it already!! mwuahahahahaha!!!

Am still waiting…


Ok. I think I’ll start another thread and we’ll begin.