Can you help me figure out this riff?

I am pretty sure this is on a Low E, and obviously a split octave in there?
Is there a draw at all? From the noodling around I did, I could not duplicate any of it with draws.
(Although there sounds like a bend in the end so there HAS to be a draw)


Can it be tabbed out? Or just explained…

Nice riff…

I’d like to know the source of it, where from…

I did get close on my Low C, but not exact - as I presume that’s what you’re looking for.

And hopefully, there’s someone here with more knowledge to crack it.

“Have (Low) Harp, Will Travel” 8)

SPD - it’s a Low E. I have a Low C so that does not matter to me, I just want to figure out how to play it! 8)

Anyways, It was a second place winner in a chugging competition. He mentions “a nod to Peg Leg Sam” if you search youtube for Peg Leg Sam there is a clip with a similar intro.
Here’s the whole deal:

Don’t have a Low E harp so I’m no help


Harp On!!

Actually no need for the same key harp. You can still replicate the riff/pattern, but it simply won’t be in the same key. No big deal.
The beauty of tabs and the diatonic :slight_smile:

Hi Tica don’t know if this will help but have you tried this software title.

While you play the riff you can actually watch the notes being played on the harmonica.

I use that alot to break down some riffs.

I’ll sometimes have a riff I’ll put it in mixcraft for windows and slow it way down and watch
the notes that are being played.

Also great for watching your bends to make sure your bending them down all the way.

Hope that helps.

Harp On!!

Thanks. Yes, I have used that program before. But unfortunately it will not handle low-tuned harps.
Also, from the little that I did try that program, it seemed to have a hard time with chords, especially split octaves.

Hey Tica!!!

Yup. I agree. It’s a low E harp harp with a really cool intro.

Lovin’ it!!!

Here’s what I get:

(2,5) (-1,-4) (2,5) /(-2,-3)

(2,5) -4 (2,5) -4 /(-2,-3)

(2,5) = playing only holes 2 and 5 blow with a tongue split octave

(-1,-4) = playing only holes 1 and 4 draw with a tongue split octave

/(-2,-3) = dip bend on holes 2 and 3 draw at the same time. Dip bend means to hit the notes bent and then quickly unbend them.

I didn’t document what sounded like a tiny wincy flub in the second line but over all this tab should be close!!!

Fun stuff!

Your harmonica buddy,


very very cool!!

Harp On!!

Yeah. I’ve been missing you guys. I’ve bit pre-occupied lately with the experience of being alive but hoping to knock it around with you a bit more in the harmonica dimension…


JP! Thanks for chiming in on this. This little riff has it’s hook in me.

Although… I am thinking that the “flub” was intended. If you listen to the second clip I posted, it contains the complete track. The outro is the same as the intro and it contains the same “flub”
I assume it was by design because the harp player who submitted it to the contest said that he had done over 20 takes THAT DAY and picked this one.

And a (-2 -3) dip bend? Oh man… I would have said that was impossible but there it is 8)

I’d love to hear a recording if anyone is able to duplicate this. It doesn’t matter what key.