Can't Get a Sound

I’m having a little trouble.
I have this cheapo Hohner “Piedmont Blues” harp made of plastic (key of D), but I rather like it. Still, I can’t get a sound at all out of draw one, even after trying every level of wind from gentle breeze to hurricane and every mouth position I could think of. What might cause this plight?

Jim’s DIY Harp Workshop 1 - Gapping

Harmonica gapped successfully just by watching a video? Absolutely!
Thanks SPD. :]

Man I wish I could do that…DARN!!

I open them up, I end up throwing them away or sending them to the great harmonica
graveyard in Amarillo Texas attn: Tyson…LOL!

Harp On!!

FANTASTIC!! :slight_smile:

“Have Harp, Will Travel!” 8)

Joe Feeney! You got another one coming my way? hmmmmm?