Case of the burps...

When I play I use my nose in combination with my playing to take larger breaths, and to catch up when I have been playing too far in one direction. But I had read that this was bad form. But when I shut off my nose and play, I find that I get a case of the occasional burps or hiccups.

Has anyone else had this problem? I don’t have any health issues that I am aware of.

It would be humorous if it wasn’t so annoying.

Where did you read it was bad form? I have always heard the opposite!
I occasionally get the burps, it happened more back when I first started playing. I figured it was better than the alternative. :smiley:

I had heard that air leakage from the nose led to bad tone production. I really don’t know anything about it though.

Thanks for your reply!

Gindick and Gussow both tell you to expel excess air not only thru the nose but around the harp as well. I can maybe see losing tone on the draw notes if air is leaking thru the nose. I am only an intermediate so don’t take my word for gold! That just goes against what I have been told.

Well that sounds ok to me. I haven’t had problems with the way I have been doing it, so I’ll just ignore it for now :slight_smile:

Thanks Paul!

I think JP made a video awhile back about breathing in through your nose if you really need a breath. He said to keep you nose closed most of the time, but if you get to a good draw note, you can fill your lungs twice as quickly if you use your nose as well as your mouth.
I’ll see if I can find that video.

I need to get rid of air more than take it in, but I’m working on 2nd position (mostly draw notes). I forget everyone isn’t working on the same thing as me! :-[